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Club Rules:

Below are a set of conventional rules of expected and accepted personal behaviours to observe within the club.


By purchasing a membership, you confirm you have read and understood the rules below, and that you will respect them.

The club reserves the right to remove the member from the premises and to terminate membership without refund, at any time and without notice, if you fail to respect the following rules of etiquette:


1. You must be a member to attend any and all events.

2. Membership does not guarantee entry to all functions. Certain
functions may be restricted, for example, couples night is restricted to
couples only.​

3. Memberships are non-transferable. They may not be used in
connection with any commercial endeavours, organizations,
government bodies, media organizations, or companies.

4. Out of respect for your fellow members, you must be courteous and
have good personal hygiene.

5. We encourage members to shower or bathe before, during, and after
playing, especially during the warmer weather months.

6. Always practice SAFE AND CONSENSUAL sex.

7. No means NO!

8. We are an LGBTQ2A+ & kink-friendly space; be open-minded and
treat each other with the uttermost respect.

9. Respect other members. Respect their right to refusal and do not take
things personally.

10. Ask to be invited into all play in motion prior to joining.

11. Respect another member’s personal space; if the door is closed, do not
open it. Do not get too close to members who are engaged in a scene.

12. To avoid conflicts and to ensure all members have a great time, the
club asks you to avoid talking about politics, religion, and war.  ​

13. Racial, ethnic, gender-based, and other types of hate, bias, or violence​
will not be tolerated in the club, and will result in immediate removal
of the member from the premises and immediate termination of the
membership without refund. 

14. The club has a ZERO-tolerance policy for non-consensual touching
and/or harassment.

15. Disputes can be handled through the DMs, event coordinators, and/or
Club coordinator.

16. No solicitation of any kind is permitted on the premises.

17. Always be polite when making/declining advances. Do not ask to join
in when a couple is enjoying an intimate moment. Wait for an
appropriate time.

18. This is a discreet and inclusive venue.

19. We expect all members to treat each other with respect a "What
Happens at the Club Stays at the Club" attitude.

20. If you meet someone you know, do not panic. Greet them and confirm
that their discretion is assured, as yours is.

21. Always be polite when making/declining advances and do not take
things personally.

22. Cameras and recording devices, including cell phones, are strictly

23. Pictures can be taken if consent is given by all members captured.

24. Keep all personal belongings in one of the provided lockers or leave
them at the front desk. Note that the club is not responsible for lost,
stolen, and/or forgotten items.

25. Aggressive and/or intoxicated behaviour, such as drunkenness or other
behaviour that could hinder the reputation of the club, will not be

26. No illegal activities will be tolerated within the club or parking area.

27. All tobacco and/or cannabis products must be consumed outside the

28. Members are expected to clean up the station and/or surface after each
use and clean any spill and/or fluid they are responsible for.

29. Be considerate of other members, especially those waiting to use a
station or surface. Time limits may be enforced.

30. Dispose of soiled towels and sheets in the hampers provided.

31. Absolutely NO scat play will be tolerated.

32. Blood, fire, and wax play is only permitted in a professional setting
and if conducted by experts.

33. Blood players must have their own sharps containers, medical
equipment, and disposable cleaning supplies.

34. Wax players must provide their own plastic sheets to protect the floors
and surfaces.​

35. Have fun!

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