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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I become a member?


Due to the current circumstances, memberships (18+) can only be purchased in person. You can attend any event to do so.Please bring a valid government photo.

Does my membership give me access to all events?


No, membership does not guarantee entry to all functions. Certain events are restricted such as the couples night is for couples or single ladies only.

Can a friend use my membership?


No, memberships are non-transferable. They may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavours, organizations, government bodies, media organizations, or companies. ​


What do you do with the personal information I provide on the membership form?


All membership forms are stored off-site to protect our members' privacy. Information is only used in case of emergency, for example, advising people that participated in an event that a person presented COVID-19 symptoms days after attending it.


How much does a membership cost?


The annual membership fees are of $100 for a single male, $40 for a single lady or non-binary person and of $80 for a pair of persons. You will need to pay a door fee for each party.


Who attends events hosted by the club?


We cater to all people (18+), no matter their gender, identity, sexuality, or body type. ​


Are you LGBTQ2A+ and kink-friendly?


Yes, we cater to all people (18+), no matter their gender, identity, sexuality, or body type.


Do I need to be vaccinated to attend the events?


We no longer require proof of vaccination at this time.

Do I have to pay a door fee even if I have purchased a membership? 

Yes. These fees help us provide you a safe (condoms and lubricant are provided) and clean environment, as well as upgrade the equipment.

What should I wear?


As an upscale club, we suggest you dress to impress. We always encourage sexy, sensual attire or favorite kink/fetish wear. If unsure we recommend that you bring a change of clothes so you can dress more sexily as your feel the mood.

Am I obligated to join in?

No one is obligated to do anything. You should never feel pressured to perform. We encourage you to move at your own pace and engage in activities only when you are ready for it. We suggest you take your time and expand gradually your horizons if you are new to the community and lifestyle.


Can I film and/or take pictures at the club?

No. Cameras and recording devices, including cell phones, are strictly prohibited. Pictures can be taken if consent is given by all members captured.

Where can I leave my personal effects during play time?

We encourage our members to keep all personal belongings in one of the club’s lockers. NOTE THAT THE PHOENIX AND THE EVENT ORGANIZERS CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN, AND/OR FORGOTTEN ITEMS.

Do you provide condoms and lubricant?

Yes, we provide both condoms and lubricant to our members. We encourage them to always practice SAFE and CONSENTUAL sex.

Do you provide things other than condoms and lubricant?

We provide water and light snacks during events.

Do you sell alcohol and/or cannabis at the club?

No. We only provide water and light snacks.

Members can bring their own drinks and/or cannabis. NOTE THAT THE PHOENIX AND THE EVENT ORGANIZERS CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR INJURIES WHERE ALCOHOL IS DEEM TO HAVE BEEN A CONTRIBUTING FACTOR. We encourage you to drink responsibly and to only smoke outside. Intoxication is discouraged; you may be asked to leave if you have consumed too much alcohol and/or cannabis.

What happens if I am being touched without my consent or being harassed during an event?

The club has a zero-tolerance policy for non-consensual touching and/or harassment. We encourage you to contact the DMs, event coordinators, and/or Club coordinator.

What happens if an issue or a dispute arises during an event?

Disputes and issues can be handled through the DMs, event coordinators, and/or Club coordinator.


What happens if someone is aggressive or intoxicated?

Aggressive and/or intoxicated behavior, such as drunkenness or other behavior that could hinder the reputation of the club, will not be tolerated. Disputes and issues can be handled through the DMs, event coordinators, and/or Club coordinator.

How clean is the equipment?

Members are expected to clean up the station and/or surface after each use and clean any spill and/or fluid they are responsible for. Don’t hesitate to clean the equipment with the provided cleaning products if you have any doubts.

What do I do with my soiled towels and sheets?

Please dispose of the soiled towels and sheets in the hampers provided.


Do you accept all types of play?

No. We do not tolerate scat play.

Furthermore, blood, fire, and wax play is only permitted in a professional setting and if done by experts. Blood players must have their own sharps containers, medical equipment, and disposable cleaning supplies. Wax players must provide their own plastic sheets to protect the floors and surfaces.


Where is the club located?


This discreet club is in an industrial area close to the Hunt Club-Riverside Drive intersection. We do not provide our address publicly. Please message us for more information. ​


Is there parking?


Yes, there is plenty of free parking for our members.


What happens if I meet someone I know from outside the club?


This is a discreet and inclusive venue. We expect all members to treat each other with respect and in "What Happens at the Club Stays at the Club" attitude. We know this is probably a surprise for both of you; do not panic, greet them, and confirm that their discretion is assured, like yours is. ​


What if I bump into another club member outside the club?


Be discreet. Act as if nothing happened; nobody wants to be outed. We suggest if you are both alone to say hello, but if others are around, it may be best to only smile and nod to avoid any possible embarrassment to either party.

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